Worsening Drought Signals Wildfire Stricken Summer

Credit: KITV4

El Nino may be weakening, but that doesn't mean its effects are...in fact, we haven't realized the full impact of its effects just yet. Hawaii's current drought is expected to worsen which means a higher potential for more wildfires. May is Wildfire Preparedness Month. Learn how you can take action today!

From the Source:

"Although those dry conditions from El Nino are weakening, a drought-stricken Summer is right around the corner. 

'This year we're well ahead of schedule for how dry we are,' said Ian Morrison, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service. 'We're about three months ahead of where we would normally be. So we're about to reach a threshold in Hawai'i where normally we wouldn't hit that threshold until July.' 

That dryness translates to parched vegetation, a wildfires food of choice. 

'Most of the fuels are going to be very dry on the Leeward side,' Morrison added. 'So they're going to be much easier to start fires, and much easier  to maintain fires.'"

"Though there is hope for more rain next Winter, it falls on the responsibility of everyone to help keep brush and wildfires to a minimum this season."