Since 2002, HWMO has worked with communities around Hawaii Island and now throughout the State of Hawaii to implement dozens of projects mitigating wildfire hazards and protecting natural and cultural resources. 

Our approach to these projects blends a unique knowledge of the people and land in Hawaii with a foundation in the natural sciences, working directly in coordination with local experiential knowledge of the land, local communities, and local people.

HWMO partners closely with varied organizations from the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Army and University of Hawaii, to the grassroots small community associations of Hawaii's towns and villages. 


Use the sidebar on the left to view all of our projects. We focus on wildfire projects related to prevention, pre-suppression, and post-fire. We leave the suppression of wildfires to the courageous, well-trained first-responders!


Completed and Ongoing Projects

Current and Future Projects