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HFD and HWMO crowd around HWMO GIS map.png

Mapping Services

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GIS, short for Geographic Information Systems, is an incredible tool that helps us understand and visualize data in ground-breaking new ways by revealing relationships, patterns, and trends to expand our knowledge of landscapes and producing and analyzing potential solutions to the challenges we face. 

Businesses can use GIS to identify markets and distribution networks. Governments can effectively plan for disasters, identifying evacuation routes. Planners can evaluate potential development in relationship to vegetation, steep slopes, and flooding problems. Scientists can look at the relationship of various land uses and critical habitats. Communities can evaluate various growth scenarios and its impacts on schools, traffic, recreational resources, and the environment. Agricultural producers can change a planting rotation based on evolving weather data. 
The applications are limitless!

HWMO can assist you with your GIS needs!

Many of our completed projects and the organizations that we've served are listed below, as well as our pricing information for GIS services.

Geography is a part of most of the decisions we make and its practical applications are nearly limitless. 


Services Offered:

- Map Production 
- Modeling
- Database Analysis 
- GIS File Production

We can convert any GIS product and image into a readily usable JPG, PDF, TIFF, EPS, or BMP file, formatted to any size. 

The file conversion fee is $20 per map.

Optional paper sizes:
- 24”
- 36”
- 42”

Bring in your ready-to-print file. Acceptable file types are JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, BMP, and GIF.
$50.00 for first printing, additional copies are $25.00 
To order, choose the "
1 Large-Scale Poster Print of Any Map" option and add only 1 to your cart. For any additional copies, choose the "Additional Copies - Large-Scale Poster Print" option and add as many additional copies as you need.

For other mapping services, we charge $78.00 for an initial consultation and any additional hours will be determined after consultation.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started!