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3rd Annual National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop


“The National Cohesive Strategy pushes us to challenge our current and historical approaches to our nation’s rapidly changing wildfire realities and reach beyond our jurisdictional borders to:

  • redefine and understand risk,

  • share and co-manage risk,

  • set large, landscape-level and community-wide priorities, and

  • collectively invest in an outcome-based approach to achieve resilient landscapes, fire adapted communities and a safe, effective wildfire response.

As we stand on the precipice of a new wildland fire paradigm, 
we have the opportunity to define it, 
not be defined by it.

To maintain and strengthen meaningful progress towards this vision, the 3rd Annual National Cohesive Strategy Workshop will provide a forum unlike others for collaborative interaction. It will provide an innovative, shared-learning environment for exploration, discussion, understanding, brainstorming, connection and collaboration around the issues we must face to improve outcomes related to wildland fire.  It will allow stakeholders to understand their roles and the opportunities for outcome-based approaches through continued and active implementation of the National Cohesive Strategy and how this will allow us to define a future with wildland fire as a key component of healthy ecosystems that meet social and management requirements.”