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Firewise Virtual Workshop - Get to Know the Home Ignition Zone

"The National Fire Protection Association’s Firewise Communities program is hosting a wildfire workshop series to connect wildfire stakeholders with subject matter experts. The series provides free learning opportunities for wildfire stakeholders by connecting them with leading researchers and practitioners in a live, interactive format. Visit the Firewise Communities website to learn more about the series and to register."

  • Tuesday, August 16: Get to Know the Home Ignition Zone, 9 a.m. HAST

Speaker: Gary Marshall, NFPA Wildfire Field Rep
"Discover the three distinct areas surrounding structures within a home ignition zone and identify how mitigation and maintenance in each section plays a distinct role in improving survivability during a wildfire. This in-depth look into the three unique distances encompassing a home will have you viewing the landscape through a different set of eyes."


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