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HAWAII: Vegetative Fuels Management Collaborative Mapping Workshop -Waimea

Register for FREE for Hawaii Wildfire’s upcoming Collaborative Vegetative Fuels Management Mapping Workshop.

Your participation in this workshop alongside fellow stewards of Hawaii Island will go a long way towards identifying key areas for managing wildfire hazards, which will improve collaborative and funding capacity for fuels treatment projects on Hawaii Island and the rest of the state.

Who should attend?

We request your participation if you are familiar with the locations of current vegetation management activities and the details of those projects anywhere on Hawaii Island.

Some examples of vegetative fuels management activities:

·      Firebreaks and access roads, etc.
·      Fuel reduction activities such as fuel breaks, grazing, thinning, etc.
·      Fuels or type conversion from high fire risk to lower fire risk such as shaded/living fuel breaks, native restoration projects, or transitioning to managed agriculture, etc.

No need to be tech-savvy. At the mapping workshop, Hawaii Wildfire staff will be available to walk you through the mapping process and you'll learn how to map your vegetative fuels management activities using GIS, digital mapping.

We hope you can meet us there and contribute to this valuable and landmark effort for wildfire protection planning!