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Maui Vegetative Fuels Management Collaborative Action Planning Workshop

  • Maui Arts & Cultural Center (Alexa Higashi Room) (map)

Join the broader community of Maui professionals dealing with wildfire threats and impacts for a facilitated conversation about next step hazard reduction priorities and projects.

As you may know, this summer has been a very busy and destructive period of our year-long wildfire season on Maui and across the Hawaiian Islands. This year alone, Hawaiʻi is on par with California in terms of the percentage of land area that has burned in 2018 (approximately 0.8% of the land area statewide according to Dr. Clay Trauernicht from University of Hawaiʻi CTAHR Cooperative Extension and Pacific Fire Exchange). The Lahaina fires during Hurricane Lane's approach in August 2018 caused extensive damage and loss to people's homes and impacted the livelihoods of many. With every large fire, we lose more of our native forests and threaten the health of our nearshore areas. Nearshore water quality is greatly reduced due to pollution and runoff from post-fire erosion, impacting human health and smothering our precious coral reefs.

It does not have to be this way. Wildfires are a people problem -- 99% of wildfires are started by people. It is also a vegetation problem. By preventing ignitions and reducing flammable vegetation across landscapes, we can dramatically lessen the spread of destructive wildfires and thus protect the people and places we care about most.

For the past several months, HWMO has met with dozens of agency and non-governmental landowners and land managers on Maui and across the state to map activities that reduce or manage vegetative fuels, such as roadside mowing, fuelbreaks, strategic grazing, clearing around structures or power poles, brush abatement or thinning, tree trimming, reforestation, agricultural production, etc. The purpose of the project is: 1) to develop maps and information that will enable the broader community of residents and professionals living and working in fire-prone areas in Hawaii collectively prioritize next steps for vegetative fuels management, and 2) to enhance project coordination between organizations and make use of funding opportunities toward optimal wildfire protection.

Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization is a non-profit organization based in Waimea on Hawaii Island that serves as a hub for collaborative wildfire protection efforts statewide. With your participation at this FREE workshop on September 27th, you will join a vibrant group of first responders, land managers, planners, community members, and more to prioritize future collaborative wildfire risk reduction projects on Maui. All are invited to this workshop -- we all play an important role in protecting our communities, lands, and waters from the growing threat of wildfires. Thank you to all of the landowners and managers who have contributed to this project thus far! 

Maui Vegetative Fuels Management Action Planning Workshop Logistics:
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