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Nā Mamo O Kāwā Community Work Day

Our friends from Nā Mamo O Kāwā in Kaʻū host a community work day every second Saturday. Their work to restore the native habitat and reduce the wildfire threat in Kāwā is critical, but also runs deeper than that:

“Nā Mamo o Kāwā (NMOK) facilitate the care for the precious cultural and natural resources of Kāwā through community-based, self-determined stewardship efforts.  NMOK recognized the burgeoning need to revitalize a puʻuhonua (biocultural refuge) where lineal descendants, community members, and volunteers collectively engage in the timeless practice of aloha ʻāina to honor generations of land-human relationships in Kaʻū.  The ahupuaʻa land management activities that take place on the property is the maintenance of the fresh water springs and trails (coastal and forest), and the restoration of the Kāwā dry forest, coastal, and estuary/fishpond ecosystems.”

Photo Credit: Nā Mamo O Kāwā