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National Wildfire Preparedness Day

Despite recent rain, extreme drought is forecasted for the coming months due to the recent El Nino event, which was in the top two El Ninos on record since 1950.  Active wildfire seasons are known to follow El Nino events, and have led to some of Hawaii’s largest wildfires on both windward and leeward sides. This year is no exception.  Drought and wildfires are projected to be extreme in the coming months.  It has already been a busy year for firefighters statewide.  With some preparedness and awareness, wildfires and their impacts can be reduced by simple actions such as parking your car away from dry grass and managing the vegetation around your home.

May is Wildfire Preparedness Month.  HWMO, firefighters, and government agencies across Hawaii are encouraging you to take action toward protecting your loved ones, homes, and Hawaii’s natural resources from wildfire.  There are many ways you can help.  On May 7th, National Community Wildfire Preparedness Day, communities across the U.S. will be holding action days to prepare their neighborhoods and reduce wildfire hazards. You can be a part of an amazing movement by gathering your family, friends, and neighbors for preparedness activities that range from evacuation planning to flammable vegetation removal. 

You can help spread the message and learn ways you can take action by visiting our Take Action page. If your neighborhood is interested in taking part on May 7th, we can help you develop ideas and coordinate details. Contact for details.