HWMO's vision is for the people and places of Hawaii and the Pacific to be wildfire-safe and wildfire-ready.


To serve as a hub of wildfire prevention, mitigation, and planning activities in the Hawaii-Pacific region through proactive, collaborative, and forward-thinking projects.

Scope of Work

HWMO is dedicated to outreach, education and technical assistance, project implementation, and research focused on proactive and collaborative wildfire prevention, mitigation and post-fire recovery in Hawaii and the Pacific.


1. Prevent Wildfires

  • Increase public awareness of the wildfire issues in Hawaii and the Pacific

  • Decrease wildfire ignitions (since 99% are human caused)

2. Mitigate Wildfire Impacts

  • Catalyze and cultivate public and agency action toward wildfire preparedness and protection

    • Website, informational resources, workshops, technical assistance, training, and other support

  • Strategically manage vegetative fuels

    • Fuelbreaks, fire breaks, fuels reduction projects, defensible space, Firewise landscaping, grazing to reduce fuel loads, fuels reduction planning

  • Develop pre-fire plans to reduce risk and minimize wildfire impacts on communities and natural resources

  • Support and contribute to increased fire suppression capacity of our firefighting agency partners

    • Additional water resources, helicopter dip tank installation, training, information

3. Aid Post-Fire Recovery

  • Support planning, research, and capacity building for rehabilitating post-fire landscapes

4. Provide a collaborative environment among residents, communities, firefighters, decision makers, and natural resource managers to address wildfire management goals collaboratively and proactively

  • Catalyze, facilitate, unite, and support multi-partners, cross-jurisdictional projects

  • Be a hub of wildfire-related information, preparedness training, and collaboration for the diversity of stakeholders who live or work in areas at risk of wildfires in Hawaii and the Pacific