Protecting communities from wildfire
is easy when we all chip in.

Over 1.4 million residents need your generous support.

What do you care most about in Hawaii? Are you a homeowner who cares about protecting your home and family? Are you a fisherman who values the availability of healthy fish? Are you a rancher who takes every step to ensure your cattle have quality forage? Are you a hiker who enjoys the sanctuary our native forests provide? 

Chances are the things you care most about in Hawaii are under the threat of wildfires. Over the past decade, an average of over 1,000 wildfires burned over 17,000 acres each year in Hawaii, with the percentage of total land area burned comparable to and often exceeding the rest of the U.S. Wildfires can occur just about anywhere and can affect just about anything and everything. 

That's why we believe our far-reaching efforts in prevention, preparedness, and recovery have and will continue to make great differences for all communities throughout the State of Hawaii.

However, we are just a small non-profit made up of 5 passionate staff members who are charged with serving the entire State of Hawaii. We are able to get amazing projects done due to our extensive partnerships and grant opportunities, but we are constantly searching for ways to keep our operations going and expanding our project list. By donating to HWMO, you can help keep our flame alive.

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100% Unique

We are the only non-profit in the State of Hawaii focused on wildfire preparedness, protection, and recovery. 


Always Collaborative

All of our projects involve our local partners and community support.

Always Transparent

We strive to keep everyone in the loop about our projects with photo updates, regular e-mail newsletters, and face-to-face interactions.

Always Community-Driven

Every project aims to address the expressed needs of community members and on-the-ground agency personnel to ensure project value & effectiveness.


Helps Us...

Protect Our Native Forests

Protect Our Coral Reefs

Protect Our Communities


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